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Commentators call on Republicans to surround Philly. Philly social media responds: You’ve obviously never met us

"Philly out here like 'Hold my cheesesteak.'"

Gritty eats Philly haters for breakfast - and he's hungry.
Gritty eats Philly haters for breakfast - and he's hungry.Read moreHeather Khalifa / File Photograph

As ballots were being counted at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Wednesday night, Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs talked trash about the electoral process in Philly and wondered aloud why Republicans just don’t surround the city.

“Philadelphia looks like a cesspool electorally," he said on his show. "Why in the world wouldn’t the Republicans surround that thing and, if you will, you know, at least apply a little, what would you call it, some sort of scent?”

Meanwhile, Republican commentator Harlan Hill took to Twitter early Thursday morning to suggest that Republicans should “start bussing Trump supporters to Philly” to “make them feel our level of pissed off.”

“I’m going to Philly tomorrow with a team,” he wrote in another tweet. “This is war.”

Armed and ready with countless examples, Philadelphians quickly took to social media to school the fear-mongering commenters on why this would be a very bad idea, since they’ve obviously never met anyone from Philly.

From a renowned museum that proudly features baby fetuses in jars to a beloved mascot whose chief weapons are surprise and fear, here are some of the most prudent warnings to would-be agitators from those who know this city best.

Don’t sleep on our little old ladies and don’t think we won’t pick a fight with your baby

Our mascots eat Philly haters for breakfast and they’re hungry

Reinforcements from South Jersey are standing by

We take our hoagies and robotic uprisings very seriously

Iggles fans are always looking for new rivals

If you’ve seen how we celebrate a Super Bowl win, you would fear everything else we do

Trying to out crazy us? I can’t go for that