The Philadelphia Inquirer, Spotlight PA, and ProPublica are working on a series of stories about the Milton Hershey School. We need to reach former students to hear about their experiences during and after high school. And we’d like to hear from students who applied but were not admitted.

Is this you? Please help us by filling out the form below and sharing it with your fellow alumni. We’ve already heard from many of your classmates, but want to hear from as many of you as possible. We’re interested in hearing more about the school admission process, about how the school supported students with mental health needs, and about how well the school’s scholarship program worked for you.

Please share your experiences with us by answering a few questions. You can also contact our reporting team at any time: (267) 443-3517 or; and (717) 836-6560 or

We hope to hear from you soon. Nothing personal you tell us will go into any published stories without your permission, but summaries of multiple students’ experiences shared here could be used in our reporting.