A long-awaited report released Thursday detailed how the disorganization and inept investigation at the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office has caused pain and grief for families of the victims of the 1985 MOVE bombing.

In 1985, the Philadelphia Police Department responded to a standoff with the West Philadelphia-based MOVE organization by detonating an explosive on the roof of their compound. The explosion started a fire that ultimately killed 11, including five children.

Last year, it was revealed the Medical Examiner’s Office still held remains that were found in cold storage, where it was moved after 2017, and the former health commissioner Thomas Farley resigned when his order to cremate them sparked outrage. The remains were ultimately not destroyed.

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At the time, city officials promised answers. The 257-page report on the investigators’ findings includes a detailed examination of the mistakes made almost 40 years ago, and recommendations for improvements in policies and record-keeping in the medical examiner’s office.

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