Flowers from around the world have arrived at FDR park for this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show, which runs from June 11 to June 19. Visitors will awe at the massive floral arrangements — but what does it actually take to put one together?

Andrey Roslikov, Lead Designer for Valley Forge Flowers, told us exactly what it takes to build their Olmsted Pavilion installation that is titled after this year’s theme, “In Full Bloom.”

50,000: Number of individual flower stems ordered for the instillation

40: Number of different plant and flower varieties, including five colors of orchids, six shades of roses, two shades of proteus, and strawflowers in various shades.

3: Continents from which the flowers originated: South America, Europe and North America

2,400: Yards of tape used to hold the installation together

1,000: Water tubes used to keep the flowers fresh

120: Blocks of large design foam used to build the installation.

7: Days it took to build the installation onsite. Eight people worked eight hours a day to build.

50: Hours spent conceptualizing the design

42: Total number of people involved in its creation

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