Donald Trump’s viral quote from Tuesday’s debate — “Bad things happen in Philadelphia” — already seems well on its way to becoming a city slogan.

Not only has social media been blowing up with Philadelphians’ fiery and funny responses, but shirts, masks (because 2020), and other merchandise are already being made.

If you’re looking to embrace the message, here’s a running list of some things you can purchase that say “Bad things happen in Philadelphia":

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  • Shirts. So, so many shirts. There are long and short-sleeved tees and hoodies with drawings of the Philly skyline or Independence Hall. You can buy them for between $24 and $48. There’s also an orange short-sleeved T-shirt with Gritty’s eyes looking over the Philly skyline for $16.50, and a shirt with Gritty holding a flaming beer bottle for $19.99. An even darker Gritty image is available on a different $20 tee. Another one reads “Bad[ass] things happen in Philadelphia" and features an image of the liberty bell, and costs between $23 and $33 depending on the style. A tee with the words in cool, multicolored script can be yours for $13. A tee with red, white, and blue lettering that reads “Bad things happen in Philadelphia #scrapple” may be more appropriate for lovers of the mushy breakfast meat. You can buy that one for $19. One with a cheesesteak on it reads “Bad things happen in Philadelphia (my cheesesteak barely had any cheese on it)” and is going for $13.99. Philadelphia Drinkers quickly rolled out a line of different shirts between $11 and $16, with some of the designs looking like the Wawa and Phillies logos.

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  • Magnets. One that lists some of Philly’s “bad things:" the Constitutional Convention, cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, and democracy. It is being sold for $7 to $9 depending on the size.

  • Beer and wine glasses. A simple wine glass with the message on one side and the skyline on the back will cost you $10, as will a pint glass with the same words.