Little Baby’s Ice Cream will be closing its stores, the company announced Wednesday.

Little Baby’s did not give a reason for the closings and wrote on social media: “While our physical manifestation will be no more for this world, our spirit will live on in the hearts, minds and mouth-memories of YOU, the True and Impassioned Ice Cream Fans.”

“This is some of the saddest news I’ve heard all year,” one person wrote on Facebook. “This makes my heart sad. The ice cream trike at our ‘wedding party’ over a year and a half ago is still being talked about, and we were planning on celebrating our anniversary every year with Little Baby’s.”

“I’m so sad to hear this,” another person wrote. “So many unique and exciting flavors of vegan ice cream. Thank you for providing us with delicious ice cream for our wedding in 2016. This sucks!”

Others expressed shock that one of their favorite ice cream shops will no longer be part of Philadelphia.

Little Baby’s ice cream was founded in 2011 and opened its first shop in 2012. It describes itself as a “small-batch, hand-made, super-premium Ice Cream and Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Company, born in Philadelphia and specializing in unique and surprising flavor combinations.”

Little Baby’s Ice Cream has four locations, three of which are in Philadelphia: Its headquarters at 2311 Frankford Ave. in Kensington; 19 S. 12th St. in Center City; 121 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd. at the Cherry Street Pier; and 301 W. 29th St. at Baltimore’s R. House. It previously closed its location in Penn’s Franklin’s Table Food Hall.

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The shops, offering various promotions, will be open through next Wednesday or until they run out of ice cream.

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The flavors at its scoop shops rotate, but the company keeps a list on its website of every creation, including “El Vocho,” made of crushed pineapple ice cream with diced jalapeño, fresh mint, and cilantro; ”Gritty,” made of turmeric, beet powder, brûléed sugar, and crushed chocolate cookies; “Pizza,” made of tomato, basil, oregano, salt, and garlic; and “Sushi,” made of wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce ice cream.

Pete Angevine, the cofounder of Little Baby’s Ice Cream, could not be immediately reached for comment.