We asked two couples who have never met to get together and share their experiences of dating, coming of age, marriage, and the challenges of being queer or transgender.

Darren White, 28, and Evan Fenaroli, 33, exchanged marriage vows in Philadelphia in March. They’re an online dating success story, together for seven years after first meeting through the website OKCupid.

“I can't understand how difficult it must've been to try to be your true authentic self,” Fenaroli said, acknowledging that he has grown up “in a society that was already so much more accepting” than the previous generation.

Doug Vanlue Jr., 51, has been with his partner, Andrea Lamour-Harrington, 53, for 14 years. For Lamour-Harrington, a transgender woman, marriage means security.

“Out of all of the people that threw me away, said I wasn’t good enough because I’m trans,” Lamour-Harrington says, “it would make me feel like somebody in my life has finally decided to step up to the plate and claim this person.”