Raishad Hardnett

Raishad Hardnett

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Video: Getting to know the new archbishop of Philadelphia

Cleveland Bishop Nelson Pérez, set to become the new archbishop of Philadelphia, talks family, upbringing, and where he's most excited to visit in Philadelphia.

Video: Nelson Pérez introduced as new archbishop of Philadelphia

Archbishop Charles Chaput introduces his successor Nelson J. Pérez, current bishop of Cleveland, as Philadelphia's next archbishop.

South Philly resident reacts after explosion ripples through homes

An explosion ripped through five buildings in South Philadelphia Thursday, causing several buildings to completely collapse, likely killing at least one person.

Fire Commissioner: At least one person presumed dead after explosion in South Philly

Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel speaks to reporters after an explosion bursts through five South Philly buildings, likely killing at least one person.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Hunger Games Series, Part Two: Girls and food insecurity's consequences

Dajah Horsey, a senior basketball player at Girard College, explains how growing up with food insecurity forced her to sometimes feed herself and younger family

Staff photographers tell the stories behind 2019 Year in Pictures

The Philadelphia Inquirer's staff photographers explain stories behind the photographs selected for the Inquirer's 2019 Year in Pictures.

'Don't underestimate us': High school basketball player fights against homelessness, food insecurity

Dajah Horsey is one of many food insecure high school athletes in Philadelphia. She wants to be a kid, but those who knew her say her childhood ended long ago.

Special Report

How Philly ballroom survived three decades: ‘Moments are greater than wins’

Inside ball culture — and how the community perseveres to create wins and unforgettable moments.

LEGENDARY: 30 Years of Philly Ballroom

Watch the trailer for The Inquirer’s documentary on the Philadelphia ballroom scene.