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If you run a local election in Pennsylvania, you might be feeling more than a bit anxious the day before polls open. That’s because these public servants used to toiling in obscurity are still targets of anger and attacks after a year of lies about a stolen election.

In Philly and across the state, we look at the toll it’s taken on elections officials.

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How Election Day turned toxic for Pa. officials

City Commissioner Lisa Deeley, Philadelphia’s top elections official, wonders why she should be in the position of needing a police escort.

“I’m not the mayor. I shouldn’t need police protection,” she says. “My deputy shouldn’t be on a first-name basis with the Homeland Security people or the dignitary protection people. This is not the way this is supposed to be.”

The threats and harassment of last year have lessened, but they haven’t gone away. And when the small technical or human errors that have long been a benign feature of American elections pop up, they brace themselves for the errors to be weaponized, spun, or just amplified in a way that erodes voter trust.

Our reporter Jonathan Lai has this look at how once low-key elections in Pennsylvania have become anything but.

Your guide to voting

If you’re like me leading up to Tuesday, you probably need this. In addition to a rundown of all the major races and candidates for seats across the Philly region, our reporter Julia Terruso has the essential info you need to know to vote:

  • When and how to return your mail ballot.

  • What to do before dropping off your mail ballot.

  • What to know about naked ballots.

  • And how to check the status of your ballot.

On your way to the polls, this is definitely worth a bookmark.

What you should know today

Through your eyes | #OurPhilly

There are few mornings like a Center City morning. The proof is in this shot from @kslouf. Show us Philly from your perspective using the hashtag, #OurPhilly.

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“Absent a strong press, local news deserts are being filled by harmful disinformation, partisan hyperbole, and unverified, often bogus, social media posts. Without accurate, independent news and information, families cannot make informed decisions about their health or education, communities cannot hold government accountable, and democracy itself comes under dire threat,” writes Jim Friedlich of the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, the nonprofit owner of The Inquirer, regarding the proposed Local Journalism Sustainability Act, designed to provide tax subsidies to newsrooms across the country.

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