Thanks for starting what looks like a cold and rainy Wednesday with us. That rain will taper off and temperatures will creep into the mid-40s.

Today’s top story comes from our food team, which compiled a list of keep or leave options across the local industry. From streeteries to the end of ghost kitchens, here’s what our food journalists want to see.

Also, with candidates flooding Pennsylvania’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate, we asked the biggest names if they would have backed the state’s 2020 election results. They wouldn’t say.

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The food trends we want to see in 2022

Though it’s a new year, the food and hospitality industries continue to wrestle with an uncertain future. But they can help themselves by moving a few things off their plate — and perhaps adding a few others for everyone’s benefit.

That’s why we looked at Philly’s food scene and offered suggestions for things that can stay, go, or be added to the menu.

That’s only a sampling of ideas as we collectively hope for the rebirth of Philly’s iconic food scene.

What you should know today

We asked GOP Senate candidates if they would have backed Pa.’s 2020 election results. They wouldn’t say

A year ago, as some Republicans in Congress moved to disenfranchise Pennsylvania’s voters and throw out the state’s Electoral College votes, Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey opposed the move.

But none of the Republicans hoping to replace Toomey would say this week if they would have taken a similar stand. We know because we reached out to the five most prominent Republican Senate hopefuls and specifically asked:

Do you believe President Joe Biden won the 2020 election and would you have certified Pennsylvania’s election results?

As our reporter Jonathan Tamari notes, only one candidate responded — out of a group competing for a job that could put them in the position of defending or undermining the state’s election results after 2024.

🧠 Philly Trivia Time 🧠

If you own a Blackberry, then you know yesterday was the last day you could use it. But the company, which was once the gold standard of smartphones, stopped manufacturing its devices not too long ago. Today’s question: Do you know what year the last Blackberry was made? Find out the answer.

What we’re …

  • 🦅 Realizing: It really is a miracle that no one was seriously hurt, including Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, when a guardrail gave way at FedEx Field.

  • 🌎 Reading: Suggestions for fossil fuel companies who have publicly said they want to be leaders in fighting climate change.

  • 🤦 Overhearing: As a man emerged from a Fishtown home yesterday to find his truck broken into and ransacked, his response to a group of onlookers, including yours truly, was, “This is what happens when you put [Philly DA Larry] Krasner in charge of putting away the scumbags.”

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