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Political Cartoon: Philly’s Larry Krasner v. DC’s Donald Trump

Daily takes from Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Signe Wilkinson.

Trump v Krasner, let them fight it out
Trump v Krasner, let them fight it outRead moreSigne Wilkinson

My measure of the Democratic candidates for President is how they would fare in a debate with Donald J. Trump. Bernie is the only one I’m sure would pulverize the President. Even if he didn’t, the spectacle would make it almost be worth nominating the elderly Vermont Senator. The President would pulverize Biden. Elizabeth Warren could handle him but I’d be a tad worried. Mayor Pete might out-nice him and outsmart him, but not necessarily come out ahead. After Donald Trump dissed him in a speech, another sparring partner emerged, a man as combative and arrogant as DJT but shrewder and more disciplined: Philly’s icy District Attorney Larry Krasner. The only downside for Democrats would be that more than a few Philadelphians might secretly end up rooting for Trump.

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