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Political Cartoon: Golden State Warriors California firefighters

Daily takes from Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Signe Wilkinson.

California firefighters are tackling the state's latest destructive blazes.
California firefighters are tackling the state's latest destructive blazes.Read moreSigne Wilkinson

I lived in California in the 1980s long enough to experience mudslides and fires that were especially acute in beautiful areas where houses should not have been built. Since then, millions more immigrants from s--thole states like Pennsylvania have invaded California for work, a freewheeling culture, and a climate even Fishtown can’t beat. Many more fire fighters are now needed to protect them from the dried-out nature and rickety power grid all the subsequent development has created.

When I was in a Mexican breakfast joint in a little mid-coast California town last week, two sets of locals who grew up there when “we could just go down in the ravines and shoot things” were headed towards retirement. One to Utah, the other to Arizona: “It’s just too crowded here.” Utah and Arizona might start hiring more firefighters. Where Californians go, the rest of us are sure to follow.

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