Another day, another Philadelphia Democrat is under indictment. This week it’s Kenyatta Johnson, who, along with his wife, is accused of accepting $66,750 in bribes to help out a politically connected non-profit. He follows close after State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell (no relative) resigned her seat after pleading guilty to stealing from a non-profit. (Hmmm. Is this the reason non-profits aren’t profitable?)

I rather liked Johnson and once joined up on a jolly bike tour he took through his district. That cooled when I attended a candidate forum a couple of elections ago when an impressive newcomer who’d been born in Africa and educated at an Ivy League college here in the U.S. talked about how he would bring his international business experience to help increase Philadelphia’s jobs and global profile. Johnson, who’d been conspicuously busy on his cell phone, was up next. He proceeded to brag about how he was born in Philadelphia, schooled in Philadelphia, and thus knew Philadelphia.

This week we glimpsed exactly what part of good old Philadelphia political life he had learned: the City of Low Expectations.

Editorial cartoons from this week include: