Rather late in life I found out that I was of both northern and southern stock. I knew my dad was raised in the south but his mother was Minnesotan and his father was born in China, where my great grandfather was a Methodist missionary. I was born in Texas but raised in Pennsylvania. How southern could I be?

Out of the blue, a beloved aunt (herself a Californian) sent me a letter that rocked my own self-image. It turned out to be proof that I could apply to join the “United Daughters of the Confederacy.” That’s the organization which, according to its website: “appreciates the feelings of citizens across the country currently being expressed concerning Confederate memorial statues and monuments that were erected by our members in decades past.” “Appreciates”?

The statues and monuments this group’s members erected to “honor” their ancestors are the ones being toppled today. They also represent part of my heritage. I’m glad they’re coming down.

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