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Political Cartoon: TikTok advances human civilization

Daily takes from Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Signe Wilkinson.

The apex of modern civilization: TikTok
The apex of modern civilization: TikTok TOON23Read moreSigne Wilkinson

The extensive research needed for this for this silly cartoon included checking when the light bulb and printing press were invented and pouring over images of what they looked like. Before choosing “space flight” for the 20th Century, I’d tried “vaccines” but found out the first one was discovered by British doctor Edward Jenner in 1796. When I chose “space travel” it took many image searches to find what I needed for visual reference. Apologies to all who designed the space shuttle and know what one really looks like.

The hardest thing was to find an image for TikTok. So, so many to choose from. So, so lame. So lame I had to finally stop myself from scrolling longer and looonger and looonnnnggggeeeeer.... OK, so it’s a tad addictive. Are we really going to war with China over this?

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