I love cash. Cold hard I-can-see-it-in my-wallet cash. There’s nothing like a giant theft of credit card information at Wawa to reinforce my smug prejudice. And yet few seem particularly upset. Standing in my local branch, people insert plastic for $2 or $3 purchases. Not only do I not want thieves to have my info, I don’t want Wawa or my credit card company to know exactly what I buy, when and where.

As to the danger of theft, the one time I heedlessly left my wallet in a shopping cart at Home Depot, it wasn’t what the nice people who picked it up did with the money that irritated me. It was their bee-line to the Apple store a few minutes from closing to purchase two iPhones with my card. Apparently no one even asked for identification. I wasn’t charged, but Apple had to eat the cost. Perhaps that’s one reason their phones are so bleeping expensive.

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