Unrest looms across Philadelphia as violent crime continues to take lives at an alarming rate.

A teenager brutally shot 20 times in an ambush attack that took place in broad daylight, a “bright and thriving” college student robbed and killed near Temple’s campus, a double-homicide of a pregnant mother and her unborn child following a baby shower: These were all horrific headlines in Philadelphia in the days leading up to its recent grim milestone. The city has now surpassed 500 homicides in one year, the highest rate since 1990. These incidents are all part of a startling trend in major cities across the country where violent crime is on the rise, including the “City of Brotherly Love.” From the White House to City Hall, Joe Biden and Democrats are failing to fix this crisis and are shifting the blame while communities are being ravaged by crime sprees.

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As of Tuesday, the current homicide toll for this year in Philadelphia stands at 530. It is not enough to recognize these homicides as devastating losses. Every single victim leaves behind a massive void in their communities, especially in the hearts of their families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. We grieve for every parent, child, sibling, and friend who has lost a loved one at the hands of violent crime. As we mourn these losses, it is imperative that we demand accountability for such senseless violence. The onus is on Democratic elected officials who have failed to protect their residents and have ultimately made Philadelphia a less safe place to live and work.

Crimes against women are also on the rise, with a staggering increase just this year, including spikes in domestic violence. This spike in targeted crime is unacceptable, and as a mother, I can assure you that voters are taking note.

Instead of accepting responsibility, Mayor Jim Kenney has repeatedly blamed the pandemic, the state legislature, and the court system for the surge in crime. District Attorney Larry Krasner bizarrely claimed that “we don’t have a crisis of crime” only to walk back his “inarticulate” remarks after being slammed by members of his own party. His cowardly response is too late for victims’ families who know the reality of this crisis all too well.

While navigating intra-party conflict and a PR nightmare for their botched handling of the lawlessness, Democrats are simultaneously pushing harmful policies like earlier release and weakened bail policies, even for violent and repeat felons. Krasner has been outspoken about his efforts to curtail cash bail and reduce sentences at a time when these measures are needed more than ever. It is not lost on voters that ending cash bail is a policy that Biden supports, too.

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Even as voters across the country reject initiatives to “reinvent” policing, Democrats’ dangerous rhetoric is fanning the flames of the “defund the police” movement, leading to distrust and unrest across the country. Despite the enormous challenge facing Philadelphia police officers, earlier this year, the city gave preliminary approval to a budget proposal that would both stop a $19 million increase in funding for police and cut existing funding by $14 million. With a record high spike in crime and a lack of resources to fight it, it is no wonder why morale has been low among Philadelphia’s police force. One officer shared that “it feels like nobody has our backs, and our hands are tied when it comes to serving and protecting.” That should never be the case. Police officers deserve our full support, but Democratic lawmakers seem intent on making their jobs all the more difficult.

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden pledged a “safe America … safe from crime and looting.” He has failed to deliver on that promise, and local Democrats have failed to stem the tide of this dangerous trend. As evidenced by the red wave that swept local elections this fall, accountability is coming for Democrats who failed to make safety a priority in their communities.

Ronna McDaniel is the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.