It was the Saturday after the 2020 presidential election. Facing a clear loss, Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce that his campaign would hold a press conference later that morning at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia.

However, the Four Seasons Hotel would not host his campaign. The press conference would be held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a small business located directly next door to a sex shop, in lower Northeast Philadelphia.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping became the center of national attention as the comical backdrop of the Trump campaign’s last major press conference before President-elect Joe Biden’s victory speech.

As Trump himself said, “Bad things happen in Philadelphia.” And it appears they do — to him.

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It was a sore loser’s sad end. The landscaping company became a social media sensation, popularized as a mockery of Trump and his campaign.

Tourists have since flocked to the now-iconic Four Seasons Total Landscaping for selfies. The company itself leaned into the joke, releasing a Zoom background picturing their lot. The Fraud Street Run, an 11-mile marathon from “the famous Four Seasons Total Landscaping” to “the lesser-known Four Seasons Hotel,” is scheduled for Nov. 28 and has raised thousands for charity.

With such attention on the area, locals have an important message for visitors: While you’re there, be a good tourist. Make it a point to support the local businesses — don’t just stop by for selfies and then head to Center City or whichever recently gentrified neighborhood you had in mind. The neighborhood has much more to offer than a landscaping company next to a sex shop.

During your visit to this section of the city, sometimes known as North Delaware, immerse yourself in the area. If you enjoy spending time in nature, take a leisurely walk along the riverfront at Riverfront North Partnership in Holmesburg, a hike through the woods at Pennypack Park, or a bicycle ride on the trails surrounding and inside of Pennypack Park. If you’re interested in history, take a self-guided walking tour of Holmesburg, settled in 1682, or the King’s Highway, America’s oldest continuously used highway, now known as Frankford Avenue.

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In addition to nature and history, this part of the city has several eateries that rival better-known Philadelphia favorites, and at a fraction of the price. Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse boasts the best barbecue in the city, Ashburner Inn makes mouth-watering margherita pizza and mozzarella wedges, House of Thai Cuisine makes delicious classic Thai dishes, and Emma’s Café and Restaurant offers authentic, homemade Italian. While the city’s new COVID-19 restrictions will prevent you from dining inside beginning Friday, several local favorites have outdoor seating, most offer takeout, and others will welcome you with open arms when restrictions are lifted.

If you lack the time to explore or dine during your visit, consider supporting community organizations like the Holmesburg Community Development Corporation, the Block Gives Back, or Philly Reclaim with a donation.

Whatever else you do while visiting Four Seasons Total Landscaping, just remember: Be a good tourist.

Cher Mollé is a resident of the North Delaware section of Philadelphia, a member of the Holmesburg Community Development Corp.’s board of directors, a nonprofit fund-raising and marketing professional, and owner of the Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia store on Bonfire. She is active on Twitter at @chermolle and Instagram at @cherrmolle.