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Inquirer LIVE Event Recap: Difficult conversations with kids about race

Editor Yvette Ousley and a diverse panel of contributors and trauma specialists candidly share their experiences talking with kids after this summer’s displays of social justice and injustice.

Every day, against 2020′s backdrop of racial inequity, brutality and fear, the conversations parents are having with their children are increasingly difficult to navigate.

This summer, Inquirer deputy news editor Yvette Ousley moderated Inquirer LIVE: Difficult Conversations with Kids About Race, a conversation with Sozi Pedro Tulante, Partner at Dechert LLP; Aurora Archer and Kelly Croce Sorg, co-hosts of the Opt-In podcast; and Dr. Clara Whaley Perkins, esteemed trauma specialist.

This event was inspired by Tulante’s op-ed in The Inquirer about “The Talk,” along with Archer and Croce Sorg’s Inquirer op-ed pieces about dismantling white supremacy.

Throughout the thoughtful and engaging conversation, panelists candidly tackled an array of issues, including racial injustice as it relates to kids, resources that have helped guide them, and the importance of continuing to have a dialogue about race in the community.

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