David Plouffe, the celebrated manager of the successful Obama campaign in 2008, recorded a video message to urge  members of Organizing for America to work hard to boost turnout and prove the pundits predicting destruction for the party Nov. 2 wrong.

In the video, Plouffe uses Pennsylvania as a case study for OFA's efforts, disclosing that the organization has 48 staff on the ground now to help volunteers, and planst to have 90 staffers here by Election Day. In addition, OFA will have 18 field offices around the state, up from 10.

"The activity in Pennsylvania is going to be absolutely crucial," Plouffe says.

More broadly, Plouffe points out that some of the 70 or so competitive House race will come down to a handful of votes, and OFA volunteers will be crucial in closing the "enthusiasm gap" that is increasing projections of Republican turnout.