I cover aspects of poverty, wealth, and class relating to both economic and social issues.

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On the North Philly block the morning after police shootings: ‘Today we have no children’

On Thursday morning, a group of five neighbors were lamenting that children who live on their block were afraid to play outside as they normally do.


Comparing a ‘Godfather’ joke to the N-word is a dangerous hyperbole for Chris Cuomo and all Italians | Perspective

Chris Cuomo’s careless comment is a reminder of how little we’ve learned in this life, and how limited some people’s thinking can be.

Trump immigration plan could raise hunger in America

Trump has said the food stamp program is too costly. Hunger fighters say it provides a minimal benefit while preventing starvation.

With General Assistance now gone in Pa., how will people cope?

While it’s too soon to measure consequences, advocates for people in poverty are predicting spikes in hunger, as well as burgeoning physical and mental health issues in Pennsylvania.

Trump decries poverty in big cities, overlooking rural and suburban poor

Suburban poverty has long been on the rise. Today, by some researchers' count, there are roughly 3 million more Americans living in poverty in suburbs than in cities.

What’s the bare-minimum income a Pennsylvania household of four needs to survive? Try nearly $60,000 a year

Even above the poverty line, people exist in a realm of grinding inequity and privation.

Trump administration tries once more to cut food stamps

The administration said it is looking to save nearly $2 billion a year.

Suspect charged in Pennsauken bank robbery

The suspect presented a note demanding cash.

Man killed in motorcycle crash on Roosevelt Blvd.

The rider had been weaving in and out of lanes at high speed, police said.

Summer is a hungry time for low-income kids in the region

Kids aren’t in school, so they’re not getting free and reduced-price lunches. To feed low-income children, 1,159 summer-meals sites have been set up in the five-county Philadelphia region since June.