I cover aspects of poverty, wealth, and class relating to both economic and social issues.

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Fewer people getting food stamps

An improving economy along with rule changes are the reasons.

Are flocks of New Yorkers moving to Philadelphia? Yes, but what does it mean?

Philadelphians have worried about invaders from the north for years.

Proposed Trump administration rule change could lead to homeless LGBTQ people being turned away from shelters

The new rule could deny transgender applicants on religious grounds, and force them to sleep in areas that don’t correspond with their gender identity.

Food program stepping up to save school lunches, food for low-income people

The public didn’t see, but hunger fighters know that a speeding bullet was just dodged.

An original Rosie the Riveter from Bucks vies for Congressional Medal, remembering how she helped save the world

The women who flooded the factories during World War II built the planes and armaments that helped defeat the nation's enemies.

An unlikely weapon in battling poverty: Diapers

While Americans are aware that people in poverty need food, many don't realize the problems caused by a lack of diapers.

Trump administration mulling change to how poverty is calculated, possibly cutting aid for those in need

“They want to define poverty out of existence without doing anything to make people less poor,” said Deborah Weinstein, of the Coalition on Human Needs, a nonprofit that advocates for low-income Americans.

Some upper-class people believe they’re smarter than they really are, say social scientists

This kind of overconfidence, the study says, can be misinterpreted by others as proof of greater competence in situations such as job interviews.

Abortion debate revives question: Are the unborn being favored over children born into poverty?

This disconnect — some call it a hypocrisy — has long been part of the abortion debate.

Ex-pharmacist from King of Prussia who lived in her Mercedes in a Target lot now has a home and a community of helpers

A cascade of good will and good works has occurred after “angels” decided to help Lynn Schutzman.