Alfred covers aspects of poverty, wealth, and the middle class relating to both economic and social issues.

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Philadelphia ‘city slickers’ have received millions in federal farm subsidies over 25 years

Ever since the 1930s, government subsidies have been paid to farmers to offset agricultural cost and risk. But money also is funneled to children, first cousins, nieces, and other relatives living far from the cabbage patch and pig pen.

Family and comrades bid farewell to Philadelphia Army vet Corey Michael Hadley at Bucks military funeral

“I want people to know that when we see soldiers return from war in coffins,” his mother said, “we don’t see the other soldiers walking behind who lost their lives, too, only they don’t know it yet.”

Homeless encampment at 18th & Vine Streets cleared

The city evicted the people who had been living there based on laws prohibiting camping in city parks.

Supreme Court won’t consider efforts to criminalize homeless for sleeping outside

The "real issue," advocates for the homeless say, is providing affordable housing.

Philadelphia a city of extremes: High incomes, high poverty, report shows

The Graduate Hospital area has the highest median household income in Philadelphia, $101,834. Fairhill has the lowest, $18,722.

Trump administration proposes Social Security rule changes that could cut off thousands of disabled recipients

Critics say it’s a way to push the disabled off the roles. Others say it’s a way to save money.

Unhappiness from social media, addictions a legacy of 2019

The U.S. is only the 19th-happiest country in the world, just after Belgium and right above the Czech Republic. The happiest is Finland; the least happy, at No. 156, is South Sudan.

Trump administration changes food stamp rule, eliminating benefits for hundreds of thousands

The move circumvents Congress and is expected by anti-hunger advocates to increase food insecurity across the nation.

App. Fake news. Hashtag. What will be the word of the decade? And who decides?

Culture, politics, art, and technology are distilled to their dense essence — a single word or phrase that captures the zeitgeist.

One-on-one ‘cuddlists’ hug and spoon clients in nonsexual private sessions at $80/hour

"Skin hunger" releases love hormones to combat the 21st century scourge of loneliness.