Alfred covers aspects of poverty, wealth, and the middle class relating to both economic and social issues.

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An urban farm nourishes the poorest part of Philly as its growers fight to keep the land

Founded by Temple University students and neighborhood activists in 2010, Urban Creators is run in large part these days by young friends in their 20s who started doing odd jobs at the farm as teens.

Major and Champ Biden are about to make the White House warm and furry again

Donald Trump is believed to be the only president other than James Polk, in office from 1845 to 1849, not to have a pet in the White House,

How America’s approach to poverty could change in a Biden administration, Congress willing

Trump’s attempts to dismantle the food stamp program inspired Biden to remark during the presidential campaign: “Hunger today isn’t about scarcity — it’s about a massive failure in leadership.”

At holiday time, donations to many food charities aren’t keeping up with pandemic-fueled need

Around 19% of grocery shoppers — nearly one in five — say they have gotten charitable food since the pandemic started, according to a national survey.

The aftermath for a society preoccupied with COVID-19 death: Post-traumatic stress, or growth?

We're living in a society preoccupied with death. It can be awful, but there's an upside to understanding how precious life is.

The Parkway homeless encampment is fenced and (nearly) clear

Encampment organizer Jennifer Bennetch declared: “This is the last night of the camp.” City officials were more cautious.

COVID-19 cases rise across the region, amid a ‘major’ outbreak at a Philly treatment center

As Philadelphia grapples with a new surge, more than 80 staffers and patients at an addiction treatment facility in West Philadelphia have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last two weeks.

The Parkway homeless encampment is shrinking — but not gone — as tents are carted away and occupants vacate

Neighbors have often complained about incidents of violence and confrontation in and around the encampment. Recent days have seen a continuation of fraught encounters.

Seeing police and machinery, inhabitants of Parkway homeless encampment thought they were being invaded

On Friday, it was impossible to tell with any accuracy how many of the dozens of tents still standing contained people.

Philly’s housing deal with occupants of Parkway homeless encampment seen as ‘unprecedented’ nationwide

Encampment occupants and organizers will establish a nonprofit and a community land trust in their name to oversee housing for impoverished people. "It's unique," a national expert said.