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Pennsylvania Politics
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State Rep. proposes early voting for PA

Early voting, including the right to "no excuses" absentee balloting, has spread to a sizable chunk of the nation in recent years, and both the Obama and McCain presidential campaigns focused resources on turning supporters out early in states that allowed it in order to bank votes for Election Day.

Now, State Rep. Scott Conklin (D., Centre) wants early voting in Pennsylvania. He announced today he is drafting legislation to put it into effect.

Conklin said the practice would reduce lines at the polls and increase participation in elecdtions.

"While vigilantly guarding the integrity of our elections, we should encourage more eligible voters to cast their votes, and make voting more convenient for those whose schedules or circumstances present a challenge to getting to the polls on Election Day," said Conklin.

Under Conklin's plan, eligible voters would be able to vote in person at their county board of elections, or in such other locations as the board might approve, beginning 10 days prior to Election Day.

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