Today is the day. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments for and against the lockout being lifted. The NFL media has descended upon St. Louis for the most important development in the work stoppage to date. Or at least that's what everyone is saying. The lockout, meanwhile, has reached Day 80, affecting many for both good and bad. Here's a brief summation of the winners and losers during the lockout thus far. Feel free to add your own.

Owners and players
Because no matter the split, there’s still $9 billion to divide between 32 owners and 1900 players.
Like children of divorce, professional sports fans are always the biggest losers in labor disputes.
The fees doled out to lawyers representing both sides could pay for Chris Christie’s helicopter excursions (or maybe not).
Drew Rosenhaus
The NFL’s leading agent has probably already lost hundreds of thousands (or his standard three-percent commission) in non-negotiated contracts.
The Green Bay Packers
It’s nice to be reigning Super Bowl champions.
The Eagles
Other teams have hired new coaches or new coordinators, but no team other than the Eagles has placed its offensive line coach in charge of its defense.
Andrew Brandt and National Football Post
Brandt, who once helped the Eagles with contract negotiations, has parlayed his knowledge of the league’s inter-workings into a gig with ESPN.
Mike Florio and
Florio has been openly cheerleading for a settlement because, well, it affects his and his employer's (NBCSports) bottom line.
Steve Saunders and Power Train Sports
The locally-based trainer normally works out a number of Eagles but his clientele has grown because of the lockout.
Barry Rubin
The Eagles’ strength and conditioning coach has probably grown tired of working out only Andy Reid’s son.
Evesham Township, N.J.
With the NovaCare off-limits and spring OTAs all but canceled, the Eagles have held informal practices in this quiet South Jersey town.
With each day it becomes more unlikely that the Eagles will hold camp here. The horror.

Judge David S. Doty
He remains the players’ best friend and his rulings in favor of them have yet to be overturned.

Judge Susan Richard Nelson
The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, in its stay decision, basically slapped the U.S. District Judge like an insolent child.
Mike Kafka
With Michael Vick hawking himself across the country and Kevin Kolb in Texas, Kafka has taken over informal workouts.
Kevin Kolb
In case you haven’t heard, the Texan is getting screwed by the lockout. At least his name has been in the paper a lot.
The Old City bar owned by Brent Celek and Todd Herremans has grown in popularity as fans pop in for a chance to see the Eagles behind the bar.
The Bookstore Speakeasy
The only Lehigh bar really worth frequenting during training camp will have to make do without the yearly deluge of Eagles paraphernalia, tattoos and cranky reporters.
No minicamp. Nice! No OTAs. Sweet! No training camp? Let’s hope! No preseason? Where do we sign? 
Undrafted rookie free agents
The longer the lockout lasts the less likely undrafted free agents like Conestoga’s own Mark Herzlich will catch on with a team.
DeSean Jackson
The Eagles wide receiver has virtually re-made his image during the long off-season by speaking out against bullying, building his foundation and upping the community work.
DeSean Jackson
He’s also stuck in contract limbo even though the Eagles are likely to offer him an extension once the lockout is lifted.
Albert Breer and NFL Network
No reporter has covered the lockout as closely as Breer, who has the difficult task of maintaining balance even though the NFL writes his checks.
Adam Schefter and ESPN
Wisely or not, ESPN has treated the lockout like some redheaded stepchild. It jumps in when it suits them, but Schefter and company know that only actual football moves the needle.
NFL beat writers
We can’t ever complain.
NFL Public Relations staffs
While Eagles staffers haven’t been forced to take pay cuts as of yet, many other teams have. The work isn’t as overwhelming, but the PR guys miss the players (except, of course, for Jason Peters).
Matt Hassellbeck
The free agent quarterback's value increases with each day. He may also have another life in Seattle.
Donovan McNabb
While talk of his end is premature, dead air always seems to produce McNabb bashing. (see: wristbandgate and BHopping Mad).
Elixr Coffee
Winston Justice’s joint has gotten some nice publicity during the work stoppage. And it makes a nice cup of joe.
Deja Brew
The coffee is decent, but the sandwiches are the reason to head to this Bethlehem gem. I can’t imagine a summer without the “Andretti.” See here for details.
Joe Paterno
Joe really has nothing to do with the lockout, but college football stands to benefit from the NFL’s idiocy. And, well, at 84, every day is a gift.
Jim Tressel
Mr. Sweater Vest was bound to go down anyway, but I don’t know if his fall would have garnered as much attention if the NFL was intact. While that may be a stretch, he’s still a loser.