While the pick was greeted with praise by most pundits and fans willing to be patient about the prospects of Jones' recovery, other were less kind, criticizing the Eagles for selecting an injured player when other healthy cornerbacks (such as Florida's Quincy Wilson) were still on the board.

Among those who derided the pick was former Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho, who is currently an ESPN analyst after being waived by the team following the 2015 season. Acho directed his criticism at the Eagles medical staff, which he has little faith will handle Jones' injury properly.

Despite Acho's criticism, the Eagles were one of the healthiest teams in the league last season, thanks in part to the sports science program started by former head coach Chip Kelly (which the team kept even after they fired him).

According to an annual study from statistical analysis website Football Outsiders, the Eagles were the fourth healthiest team in the league in terms of adjusted games lost due to injury. In fact, over the past four seasons (including the time Acho was on the team), the Eagles never ranked below sixth.

The Eagles declined to comment.

It's not the first time Acho has gone after his former team. During Super Bowl 51, he chided the Eagles for trading away running back Dion Lewis, who became the first player in the Super Bowl era to score a rushing touchdown, receiving touchdown and kickoff return touchdown in the same postseason game.

"Someone needs to be fired for that," Acho said. "He's a beast!"

Who did the Eagles get in return for trading away Lewis?

Emmanuel Acho, who played off-and-on for the Eagles and stared just two games before ultimately being waived during the 2015 season.

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