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Tom Sexton's endorsements

These are the election endorsements of People's Board member Tom Sexton. He does not speak for the Board.

After his "pull your pants up" speech, Mayor Nutter found a friend in me. It was the best political speech made since 9/11, so I support Mayor Nutter for a second term without a doubt.

For City Council, I'd like to first endorse the idea that Marian Tasco should retire, take her DROP payment, and leave. She's running unopposed, but the whole city should call for her departure – she's old guard, and offers very little. The fact that she could be Council president causes me to vomit a little, the type of vomit that just breaks the barrier of your throat and forces you to taste the nastiness for the rest of the day. I can't have that taste in my mouth for another term.

In the at-large races, I endorse James Kenney, who has always been a positive force, and Al Taubenberger, because he understands how to run a company, and leadership and ideas are a must in Council. Speaking of leadership, I also endorse two military veterans who understand what leadership entails: David Oh and Joe McColgan.

In the 10th District, I endorse Brian O'Neill. His 30 years of competent service makes him a fine choice.

I'd like the other incumbents running unopposed (or practically unopposed) to just retire and permit a special election some time next year. We need new candidates with new ideas, and Clarke, Sanchez and the rest are self-serving politicos with little real life experience, who offer nothing to make Philadelphia a better city.