The following are some of the recent cases investigated by the Pennsylvania SPCA. Headquartered at 350 E. Erie Avenue in Philadelphia, the PSPCA operates four branches throughout the state. For more information, call 215-426-6300 or visit To report animal cruelty call 1-866-601-SPCA.

60th street, 1700 block, April 29. Officers responded to a complaint of a deceased dog at the property. At the scene, officers found a dog that appeared to have been dead for over a month. A search warrant was executed, and entry was made into the home. The owner of the property stated that the dog belonged to a cousin and she did not know how the dog died. The owner also had a male pit bull mix that appeared to be in fair condition but was being kept in a room that was covered with trash and feces. The owner surrendered the pit bull mix and received a citation for unsanitary conditions. In the basement an officer found one female grey cat and three kittens that were also removed and surrendered to the Pennsylvania SPCA. Additional charges are pending following an autopsy of the deceased dog.

Snyder Avenue, 1100 block. Apr. 19. Officers responded to complaints of a malnourished tan pit bull left outside in the yard, tied with a tight phone cord. The dog did not have access to food, water or shelter. When officers arrived, the dog appeared to be in poor physical condition with hair loss and scaly skin on its back and tail. No food, water, or shelter was visible. The dog was removed from the property and the owner was cited for failure to provide necessary veterinary care as well as food, water, and shelter.

North 4th Street, 1500 block. Apr. 1. The PSPCA 24-hour cruelty hotline received a complaint of a dog living outside without food, water and shelter. The officer who responded to the call found a Shih Tzu mix in the back yard with no food, or shelter and a small amount of dirty water. The dog was dirty and extremely matted. The owner stated that they were no longer able to care for the dog because of financial issues and surrendered the dog to the PSPCA's custody.

North 20th Street, 2800 block. Apr. 6. The Humane Law Enforcement Department received a call reporting that two dogs covered in sores and open wounds were left in a yard full feces at the property. At the location, officers found one Cane Corso, and a Rottweiler mix that appeared to be in poor physical condition. The Cane Corso's neck and chin area appeared to be extremely swollen. Both dogs appeared to be under weight. The dogs did not have access to shelter and there was no food or water in the trash-covered yard. The dogs were signed over to the PSPCA, and the owner received two animal cruelty citations.

Michener Avenue, 8600 block. Mar. 21. Officers received a complaint of a pit bull in need of medical attention that was locked up in the basement of the property and living in unsanitary conditions. The officer who responded to the complaint observed a dog in emaciated condition, with his bony ribs, spine, and hips clearly visible. The nails on its feet were overgrown and hindered walking. The basement was full of feces. The owner stated that the pit bull began losing weight after being diagnosed with terminal cancer five months earlier. The owner surrendered the dog to the PSPCA and was cited for lack of veterinary care and neglect.

Judson St. 2900 block. May 8. PSPCA officers executed a search warrant at a home following an ongoing investigation of illegal ear cropping allegedly being performed there. Officers went to the property with a dog under the guise of having that dog's ears cropped. Once inside the home, officers found four dogs, all with recently clipped ears. They also found paraphernalia related to breeding and dog fighting. The property owner was arrested on the first degree misdemeanor charge of mutilation and disfigurement of an animal. Additional animal cruelty charges are pending the results of medical exams on the dogs.

The ears of all four pit bull mixes at the scene had been recently clipped and two of the dogs appeared to have infected incisions. The dogs were taken to the PSPCA headquarters for medical evaluation. The owner of the property did not surrender the animals to the PSPCA and they are not available for adoption at this time.