Pennsylvania judges are taking a dim view of repeat animal cruelty offenders.

A Schuylkill County judge Friday sentenced Virginia Justiniano to two years in prison for parole violations.

Judge Charles Miller revoked the parole he had granted in February after officers discovered animals on her property in violation of her parole, according to the Pottsville Republican. Justiniano was barred from possessing any animals for 10 years.

It is the most recent case in a series of animal cruelty convictions that have led to prison terms for abusers in the state.

In February, Justiniano pleaded guilty to 117 cruelty charges stemming from conditions at her Cats With No Name in Pine Grove. In January, rescuers found the bodies of 70 cats on the property and about 70 other starving cats. They also found chickens, ferrets gees and a deer in poor condition.

"Animals were left to starve, freeze, abandoned, no food, no water, for quite a long time. Left to die," said Rennie Miller of Pine Grove.

Police said Justiniano was selling cat food for drugs. She also pleaded guilty to drug possession.

Her boyfriend, Andy Oxenrider, also pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges and was imprisoned.

In the most recent incident, SPCA officials removed four cats, a ferret and a goldfish from the residence.