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At 85, former Phillies strength coach Gus Hoefling is battling cancer — and Big Tobacco

Hoefling, a guru who for years showed Philly’s greatest athletes how to win, has a life story that reads like a Hollywood script, and he’s not done adding to it.

Philly police got more than 8,500 fireworks complaints in one month

This year, the neighborhood blasts seem louder and more frequent, adding to the one-two punch of pandemic fears and the anguish following the police killing of George Floyd.

Philly’s police union spent decades amassing power. Reforms could cut its clout

FOP president John McNesby said he’s open to possible police reforms, but he won’t allow changes “to get shoved down our throat.”

Special Report

Philly police scaled back a plan for the George Floyd protests. The impact was devastating.

The department’s fumbled planning led to a disorganized response. Some officers resorted to dangerous tactics.

Three years after a Philly officer shot a fleeing man in the back, glimpses of change

Ryan Pownall, an ex-Philly cop, was charged in 2018 with murdering David Jones. Fallout from that case could still be felt during last week’s George Floyd protests.

Frank Rizzo’s legacy is one of unchecked police brutality and division in Philadelphia

As Philadelphia police commissioner and mayor, Rizzo oversaw a police force that became notorious nationwide for its violence.

Kenney, police say tear gas was used as ‘last resort’ on protesters; others question tactics and call for reform

The harrowing images of Monday’s showdown on the Vine Street Expressway — and questions about why city and state police put on such a display of force — have become central to the debate over Philadelphia’s handling of the unrest following George Floyd’s death.

After years of pent-up anger, Philadelphia erupts

It came as no surprise that years of unresolved racial tensions spilled into chaos on Saturday -- or that the statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo served as the backdrop.

From AIDS to coronavirus, one Chester County doctor has seen it all

At 70, Don Emery is still clocking 100 hour-shifts at Chester County Hospital, caring for COVID-19 patients.

A Philadelphia police commander died from coronavirus. His colleagues are worried a deeper problem lurks.

Some officers argue the city isn’t doing enough to keep them safe. The bigger picture is complicated.