If you're a dog lover you've no doubt heard about Dogs Against Romney, the hig profile group that has well, dogged the presumed GOP presidential nominee about the infamous family vacation where Mitt Romney dog Seamus rode atop the car (in a crate) on a 12-hour trip to Canada.
Well, in the dog-eat-dog world of presidential campaigning the Obama team has turned to first dog Bo to drum up support for the Democratic candidate among dog lovers. That comes after Romney campaign played up Obama's recollection in his memoir of eating dog meat as a child in Indonesia.
Bo may be the first “first dog” to emerge as a central player in a presidential re-election campaign, says the Washington Post.
The public has long been fascinated by presidential dogs. In 2004 George W. Bush’s campaign made a tongue-in-cheek ad featuring Barney, Bush's Scottie, advising the Republican National Convention on how to attract the “canine vote.”
But this time it's for real.

 The Obama campaign has flooded cyberspace with ads featuring Bo, who is a Portuguese Water Dog and celebrating his third anniversary with the first family. The official “Pet Lovers for Obama” pages on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites display pictures of the president and his dog and invite supporters to share their own pet photos..

We should point out that while Romney has hardly disavowed his decision to strap Seamus on the top of the car, instead insisting that the dog liked to ride that way.
But Romney did do a good deed for a dog in need and his owners back in 2003. We learned recently that while jet skiing on a New Hampshire lake one summer day, Romney and his son came upon a family from New Jersey floudering in the water after their boat sank. The Romneys plucked the family and the dog from the water and whisked them to safety.
(Hat tip: Ohmidog)