We now have more information on the Lidge move. Here's how it went down:

Ruben Amaro Jr. , Charlie Manuel, Rich Dubee, trainer Scott Sheridan, assistant general manager Scott Proefrock and Lidge met at the team hotel in Manhattan today, according to sources. There, management told Lidge he was headed to the D.L.
“He did not suggest it,” said Amaro. “I don’t know how on-board he was with it, because he doesn’t want to make any excuses, but he understands. Our medical people and staff took the decision out of it for him.”
Lidge is not at Citi Field tonight, so I couldn’t ask him if he understood or was on-board.
Lidge has been saying he is heathy, and Dubee said on ESPN Sunday that the problem was strictly one of confidence. Here’s what Dubee had to say about that tonight: “How much do you want people to know about an injury? Do you want the opposition to know that he’s not moving very well on his knee and stuff? Sometimes you don’t tell the whole story…I don’t think confidence is as much a factor as being concerned that you’re healthy. I think the knee distracted us quite a bit.”
Ryan Madson is the closer until further notice, and the team will take their time to make sure Lidge is 100 percent before returning. J.C. Romero will assume most of Madson’s duties. Amaro said that Lidge will not be a Wally Pipp, no matter how well Madson does. "(Lidge) has done nothing to lose that job," he said.
Why didn’t the team DL Lidge earlier, if the knee has been an issue since April? “The player never complained to the point where we needed to make a change (until now),” Amaro said, adding that last weekend’s blown saves were not the final straw; the team was concerned with Lidge’s stuff and velocity, and did not want to risk further injury. He said they would have made this move anyways, and also would have DL'd Lidge even if Romero's suspension had not ended.
Lidge will undergo unspecified tests over the next few days, possibly including an MRI; two recent MRIs have shown no structural damage.
Also, the team considered recalling John Mayberry Jr., but ended up summoning veteran catcher Paul Bako because of the limited number of at-bats available. Mayberry still needs regular at-bats. Having Bako enables the Phils to use Chris Coste as a righty bat off the bench.