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Victorino backs off demand

"I'd like to," the 31-year-old centerfielder said. "I'm not saying this will be my last one. It might be. Who knows? What I'm saying is, why not finish it here? I made it seem like I want a five-year deal, but I'd love to stay."

Of course, Victorino has said that all along. And while there is a certain amount of public posturing required for contract negotiations — see Jimmy Rollins' five-year proclamation last October — there is little doubt he would relinquish free agency if the right deal came soon.

"So why would I want to avoid that chance? Why not maximize what I have now, what's laid out in front of me? An opportunity to play for a winning team that I've been a part of. That's what I'm trying to get at. I'm not saying I'm going to get a five-year deal. I mean, who knows? Who says I can't get a seven-year deal? I don't know."

"My agent is going to reach out to them," Victorino said. "We'll talk about it openly and see if the two sides can try to figure something out."

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