Jeremy Maclin tore his ACL, Riley Cooper is not currently on the team, and Arrelious Benn hasn't practiced in a week. The Eagles' WR position is in bad shape, and there's a possibility that DeSean Jackson and Damaris Johnson could be the Eagles' starting wide receivers this season, at least early on. The only reason that is a legitimate possibility is because Johnson has had a good camp, so credit him for for even having this discussion in the place. However, if indeed that is how it were to play out, the Eagles would easily have the shortest and lightest pair of starting receivers in the NFL.

Last week, when the Eagles practiced at Lincoln Financial Field, before the Riley Cooper video had even emerged, Howie Roseman was asked about the possibility of DeSean Jackson and Damaris Johnson being on the field at the same time. Roseman said that the flip side of using two small players like Jackson and Johnson at the same time is that they are two explosive guys, and if that's the best matchup against certain teams, then that's what they'll go with.

Chip Kelly echoed a similar sentiment yesterday. "I would love for everybody to be Megatron (Calvin Johnson)," said Kelly. "If we had five (Megatrons) that would be a great situation... If we get to September 9th and (Jackson and Johnson) are our two best guys, we're going to play with what we have."

If you compare Jackson and Johnson to the rest of the NFL, only one projected starting WR in the NFL is lighter than either one of them. The following table is sorted by weight:


Additionally, Johnson would be the shortest projected starter in the league, while Jackson would be the 6th shortest. The following table is sorted by height:


Jackson and Johnson would be hard to catch, but they probably wouldn't block many defenders or win many jump balls.

And now... Immature short jokes!

DeSean and Damaris are so short, they use a sock as a sleeping bag.

DeSean and Damaris are so short, they surf on popsicle sticks.

DeSean and Damaris are so short, they're boys with the Keebler Elves.

DeSean and Damaris are so short, you can see their feet on their driver's licenses.

DeSean and Damaris are so short, they hang glide on Doritos.

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