Two Matt Swartz-run bars - Sutton's Parlor (38-40 S. 19th St.) and Logan Goat (20th and Arch Streets) - closed over the weekend, as noted by Foobooz.

It's not clear why they shut down abruptly, although it could be related to state police citations issued to Sutton's Parlor on June 24.

The state alleges that Swartz has an undisclosed pecuniary interest in Sutton's Parlor and accuses license owner Pete Antipas of not exercising his duties as a bar manager (basically abdicating his ownership role). The state also contends that Antipas did not inform the Liquor Control Board that Swartz was running Sutton's Parlor.

State police said they investigated Sutton's Parlor from November through March. The matter will go before an administrative law judge.

Antipas also owns Logan Goat, which opened in March. Antipas did not reply to a message for comment.

Swartz's other place - The Farmers' Cabinet at 1111 Walnut St. - is still in business. On May 15, state police say, an employee of Farmers' Cabinet gave alcohol to an 18-year-old. Farmers' Cabinet faces LCB administrative action for that underage. Swartz's wife's name is on that liquor license.

Farmers' Cabinet was the scene of a bizarre incident in December. State police noticed that its liquor license had been forged to alter the fact that it had expired. Swartz was arrested and charged with forgery and related offenses.

He pleaded guilty May 16 in Common Pleas Court to tampering with public records and operating an unlicensed bar; he was sentenced to a year's probation and fined $1,000.

Swartz's probation officer, Christina Quartullo, meanwhile, was moonlighting for Swartz as a waitress, in a situation brought to light by Victor Fiorillo of Philadelphia Magazine. Court officials said Quartullo was suspended on June 12 with the intent to dismiss in 30 days.