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A Montreal-style pizza bagel that's not a bagel?

Everybody is getting into the pizza game these days.

Spread Bagelry, the Montreal-style bagel shop near Rittenhouse Square, had all the ingredients - including a wood-burning brick oven and a tested dough recipe - for a riff on the time-honored pizza bagel.

Rather than use a round shape, owner Larry Rosenblum opted for a sheet-style pie, much like the bread bakery tomato pie joints like Sarcone's and Gaeta's.

Between bagel bakings the last few days, his staff has been baking combinations, such as the creation before you with wood-oven-roasted mushroom, spinach, cherry tomato, garlic, mozzarella, Parmesan and provolone. Over the weekend, he sold baked apple with Amish jam, cream cheese and Gorgonzola, as well as a simple one with fresh mozz, cherry tomato, basil and garlic.

He's selling it by the large slice - around $4, as he is still noodling with varieties and pricing - and whole pies are available by special order.

Well? It's a little thicker than thin-crust but nowhere nearly as doughy as a Sicilian, and there's smoky-sweetness that is a clear characteristic of a Montreal bagel, whose dough is bathed in honey water.