Fry, Eagles, fry?

South Philly-based nutrition advocate and TV food personality Christina Pirello is steamed over the Eagles' proclamation that Dunkin Donuts' Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich is the team's official breakfast sandwich.

"I thought my head would explode," Pirello writes. "I find it completely mind-boggling that you would be so irresponsible as to allow our team to send the message to fans that this is something they eat and endorse eating."

All this, and the team has been vocal in boasting that Lincoln Financial Field is green and environmentally friendly. Pirello says the alliance with DD "seems a bit…schizophrenic."

Pirello acknowledges that Lurie has a business to run. "I realize that Dunkin Donuts is likely paying you a lot of money for our team to endorse this junk food, but our kids see football players as heroes and role models," she wrote. "With that comes a responsibility. If you don't care about the fans and their health, what about the children who idolize players, hanging on their every word and emulating their actions?"

"Why would you sell [fans] on the idea that our Eagles eat these toxic sandwiches for breakfast, when it's more likely that they don't?"

Then she plays the other green card. The $$ card:

"Look, I'm not going all vegan on you, expecting the players to endorse tofu and sprout sandwiches, but there are far better choices for this team to promote than pure unadulterated junk food. Dunkin Donuts may be paying you a lot, but if all your fans drop dead of heart disease, your gorgeous green stadium will have a lot of empty seats with tickets unsold."

No comment from the Eagles.

Read her screed here.