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A solo act for Pumpkin's Chris Kearse

The chef de cuisine is taking a space on East Passyunk.

Huge news for East Passyunk:

Pumpkin chef de cuisine Christopher Kearse, whose resume includes Chicago's Tru, Alinea, and Charlie Trotter, Napa's French Laundry, and Philly's Lacroix and Blackfish, is going solo.

Kearse has signed a lease at 1911 E. Passyunk Ave,, which the nonprofit Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corp. has been rehabbing.

Kearse tells me that the BYOB - bearing his middle name, Will - is "not going to be like Pumpkin, but it's going to be like Pumpkin." That is, "French - but special, not 'special occasion.'"

He is going for a "small restaurant feel," with plates showing finesse. Tight menu: four apps, five entrees (about $25).

He is shooting for the end of August,