The Butcher & the Brewer. ... Fork & Barrel. ... Bob & Barbara's. ... The Plough & the Stars. ... Butcher and Singer. ... Cook and Shaker. ... The Fox and Hound. ... The Butcher and Barkeep.

Need to name a bar or restaurant? Call a branding expert - or just find two evocative nouns and separate them with the word "and."

Or, for even greater impact, just bring out that extra ampersand you have lying around.

Bringing this to mind is the Loews Hotel's new establishment, Bank & Bourbon, which will replace SoleFood in the spring. Right now, the hotel at 12th and Market Streets is serving out of its 33d floor, which is dubbed Level 33.

And just off Rittenhouse Square, Alex Capasso (ex-Blackbird Dining Establishment) and Michael Franco have come up with Crow & the Pitcher for their new restaurant coming soon to 267 S. 19th St., the former C19.

I'm looking for your great use of an ampersand.

Send me your wittiest bar/restaurant name by New Year's Eve, and I'll buy the winner drinks & dinner.