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Audrina Patridge eats for the cameras in Philly

In town this weekend to shoot several segments, the former reality star joined two locals in squaring off against another team of three at Spread Bagelry.

Part of Audrina Patridge's new job on the NBC lifestyle show 1st Look is to show off unique experiences.

She is in town this weekend.

Among her Philly experiences are eating a Whale and having a Top Chef chef'testant teaching her to crack an egg with one hand. On Monday, she will learn the pleasures of fried cheese curds eaten off a food truck when she visits The Cow & the Curd; this episode will be shown May 5.

The Whale is the 14-pound bagel sandwich at Rittenhouse Square's Spread Bagelry. It's a four-pound Montreal-style bagel stuffed with three pounds of lox, two pounds of whitefish salad and two pounds of cream cheese. Plus tomatoes, onions and capers. Almost as large as one of the tables.

Spread offers the Whale free if you and two friends can finish it in 30 minutes. If not, it's $199.

The Spread episode will be shown Sept. 27.

Saturday found Patridge joining two locals in squaring off against another team of three in eating Whales at Spread.

And for a slip of a thing - a slender, 5-foot-7 - the alum of MTV's The Hills can chow down. "That bagel was amazing," Patridge said. "They dip it in honey before they bake it." She wasn't as enthused about the lox and whitefish. This episode is due to air on June 28.

Sunday morning - after a workout at her hotel - found her among the brunchers at Ela, chef Jason Cichonski's Queen Village bistro.

Cichonski, who appeared on Season 11 of Top Chef (he was briefly a chef'testant, but came back to help townsman Nicholas Elmi win the title), showed her how to make biscuits, scrambled eggs and whipped bone marrow. Her two take-aways: "He uses water in his eggs to make them fluffy - not milk," said Patridge, who said she cooks for one (herself) at home.  "He also showed me how to crack an egg with one hand," she said, demonstrating by tapping an imaginary egg and flipping out the shell with her thumb.

The episode should air on March 29; 1st Look appears after Saturday Night Live in 10 NBC cities; you also can catch video clips in taxi cabs that use NBC advertising.