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Bill Murray delivers a great tip to waitress

The actor was in town with his son for the 76ers-Bulls game.

Actor Bill Murray is a basketball fan. He is also a native Chicagoan. His son Luke is assistant coach of Towson University's basketball team. That's in suburban Baltimore, two hours from Philly, up I-95.

The Bulls were in Philly for a playoff game Friday night. (That's him in the stands; photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant, NBA Photos.)

That meant: road trip.

Solid Midwesterners they are, father and son opted for comfort food while in Philly.

Friday's pregame dinner was at Jones, at Seventh and Chestnut Streets.

Saturday's lunch was at the new Square Peg, at 10th and Walnut Streets.

You surely want to hear that Bill Murray - the comedy legend, player on Saturday Night Live and all - was a nice guy in person as he scarfed chef Matt Levin's breakfast poutine, a side of grits, and banana bread with caramel butter.

Most assuredly, he was.

Levin relates that Murray was cutting up with staff, encouraging a waiter to sniff cream cheese and then playfully pushing his nose in it.

He also chatted up waitress Chau Le, and offhandedly asked her, "Do you want anything from the army-navy store?"

Le replied, "Yeah. Camo pants."

Murray paid the check and tipped well.

Twenty minutes later, someone showed up at Square Peg with an I. Goldberg bag containing a pair of camo pants.


Post corrected. That's the fact, Jack.