Be on the lookout for two hot ice machines.
Two brazen thieves walked into Honey's On South (21st and South Streets) on Monday night, told staff they were there to replace the diner's two ice machines for cleaning - and walked out with them, said owner Jeb Woody.
Woody, who was not there, said staff was working a full dining room and thought little of the "repairmen," one of whom cockily asked a manager: "Aren't you glad we were able to get in here before the holidays?" They wore sweat shirts; one bore the name of a service company. At least one appeared to be familiar to staff.

"They knew where to park and got right to work," Woody said.

They disconnected and carted out the two machines - each about six feet tall and weighing about 350 pounds, one from the kitchen and one from the basement, Woody said.
The restaurant is open with a replacement machine; new ones cost about $3,500.

Two detectives walked in to eat dinner just as the thieves' truck was pulling away and ended up taking the police report.