The Philadelphia Real Estate blog lets on that Calexico - a New York-bred Mexican food truck-and-restaurant chain - will occupy the ground floor of a mixed-use project at 1600 South St.

The Brooklyn restaurants have liquor licenses, and so will this outpost - the first outside of 212/718/347.

In joining the South Street West restaurant scene, Calexico will provide competition to the Baja Room at 15th and South.

The article (here) mentions a fall opening.

How did a New York Mexican eatery get to 16th and South? Chris Phillips, who also has the Philly region's Elevation Burger franchises, is franchising Calexico growth with New York franchisee Anthony Fauci.

Phillips knows Fameco Real Estate founder Brandon Famous, who sent associate Haley Samsi to tour the city with them to find the location, Samsi said, adding that more locations will follow.