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Can Capt. Janks get out of his legal mess?

Comedian Artie Lange hosts a benefit for the Howard Stern prankster.

When last heard from, the Howard Stern prankster known as Capt. Janks was sitting in Montgomery County prison after being accused of taking money from bar owners in three states for personal appearances he skipped out on.

Janks (Thomas Cipriano of North Wales) was sprung on bail last week, and Friday night (5/29), comedian Artie Lange held a benefit comedy show at a club outside of New York. Proceeds will help Cipriano make restitution, said Thomas Carluccio, his attorney. Carluccio says he's identified about 20 bars in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware who say Cipriano scammed them, and he said Cipriano wants to make good on all accounts.

Cipriano, who did not attend Lange's show, is living with his parents, said Carluccio, a fan who is representing him for free.

Here's a great recap of Cipriano's legal woes.