Cheesecake Factory, the first in Center City (there are branches in King of Prussia, WIllow Grove and Cherry Hill), has set a public opening date of June 23.

It will be on the second floor of a new building going up on the southeast corner of 15th and Walnut Streets, and will feature a number of nifty architectural design elements including a second-floor patio that will have retractable glass walls. The exterior will have a dramatic glass door and brushed stainless fin-like fixtures that will cast a warm glow against the restaurant's glass exterior.

Access will be through the Walnut Street side, via escalator or elevator.

Coincidentally, the upmarket Cheesecake sibling Grand Lux Cafe - there's one now in Cherry Hill - will open in King of Prussia Mall on the same day.

Both Cheesecake Factory and Grand Lux Cafe expect to bring more than 500 jobs to the area.