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Cheesesteak with a Brazilian twist

Chima restaurant brings cheese-stuffed meat tableside.

Those Brazilian steakhouses are a carnivore's playground. The waiters patrol the dining room bearing skewers of assorted steaks, lamb chops, ribs, fish, chicken, sausages. Patrons signal that they want a few slices by flipping a color-coded card on the table in front of them.

Now at Chima (1901 JFK Blvd.), the South American indulgence just got a South Philly twist.

They're stuffing layers of provolone cheese inside an eye-round roast, skewering the combination, and cooking it on the grill. Yes, a cheesesteak on a stick.

They offer grilled onions on the side for those who need their cheesesteak "wit'."

No roll, though.

It's offered at dinner.