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Chix & Bowls coming to Center City

An offshoot of Chix & Wings near Jefferson Hospital.

A shop specializing in Korean fried chicken and rice bowls is coming to Rittenhouse.

The crew from Chix & Wings (138 S. 11th St.) is venturing to 20th Street, just north of Chestnut Street, with Chix & Bowls. It will take the ground-floor spot between the Dunkin Donuts on the corner and Nuts to You at 28 S. 20th St.

Opening is on target for mid-September.

Co-owner Ben Wang says he is tinkering with the menu from 11th Street (formerly known as Chick-A-Lic and Chick-a-Licious), whose biggest seller is Korean fried chicken wings.

The new line of healthfully prepared rice bowls, based on chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp, will have various seasonings, such as a teriyaki chicken bowl, spicy garlic chicken bowl, chili aioli chicken bowl, and shikuyaki beef and onion bowl. Salads, grilled and fried chicken sandwiches, and fried fish will be available, too.

Stephen Carrozza and Michael Gorman of Metro Commercial represented the landlord.