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CBP named most veg-friendly park again

PETA raves about the Phillies' stadium's "unequalled meat-free chicken steak, followed closely by the unique and delicious vegetarian pit-beef barbecue."

For the sixth time in the last seven years, Citizens Bank Park has won the annual survey of the Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Major League Ballparks.

It's courtesy of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Unfortunately, the Phillies this season are also winning plaudits from People for the Ethical Treatment of Opposing Pitchers.

PETA's Lisa Lange wrote in a statement: "While Phillies left-fielder Domonic Brown has been dominating pitchers at the plate, earning the National League Player of the Month honor, Citizens Bank Park continues to dominate PETA's Vegetarian-Friendly Ballpark rankings. Ballparks across the country are showing their fans respect by offering healthy and humane food that will help keep them around to cheer on the home team for many years to come."

PETA cites "the unequalled meat-free chicken steak, followed closely by the unique and delicious vegetarian pit-beef barbecue. Other tantalizing cruelty-free treats include faux beef steak, a veggie dog, a black-bean burger, a vegetarian burrito, and calcium-rich hummus and pretzels. The fresh salads and fruit cups are perfect for fans looking for lighter fare."

Finishing second this season was ther Detroit Tigers' Comerica Park, which offers mock Italian sausage, vegan Riblet sandwich, vegetarian sushi platter, vegetable stir-fry, and good old corn on the cob.

Rounding out the top five are Nationals Park (Washington Nationals), AT&T Park (San Francisco Giants), and Angel Stadium (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). In the minor leagues, the portobello mushroom burger, tofu-noodle entrée, and homemade veggie burger on a pretzel bun made the Tulsa Drillers' ONEOK Field a big winner.