Old City restaurants and bars are being asked to stop the practice of working with promoters who bus in crowds of college students.

Captain Brian J. Korn, who commands the Sixth District, sent this email to Graham Copeland, executive director of the Old City Special Service District. The email, which Copeland forwarded to the membership, does not point fingers at any one bar or bars.

Last night we had large crowds of college students bused into Old City.

I have learned that this is not the first time. This lends itself to an "Animal House" atmosphere which of course is not a very inviting atmosphere for the non-fraternity type of visitors Old City business like to attract.

It also poses challenges to the police department and our resources deployed to the area. Experience also has taught us that these bused in, young, immature, heavy drinking, high spirited and possibly underage crowds are a potential BIG problem. I don't believe that school buses used as party buses are a good idea, at least not in the already densely crowded Old City area which is already struggling to regain a good reputation as a desirable night time entertainment destination.

I bring this to your attention, hoping that you and your board will look into the matter and if you concur with my assessment, use whatever influence you can to have the businesses in Old City discontinue this practice.

Catering to the fraternity crowds, especially en-mass, is inviting problems and in the long run, Old City's reputation and businesses will probably suffer serious damage.