This new restaurant is a long way out - "late February 2016" is the projection now - but it has an interesting location and pedigree.

Danlu is the name of a Chinese restaurant-bar due to take a two-level space inside the new 3601 Market high-rise apartment building. (Healthy-eats upstart Herban will be another tenant, sooner.)

Danlu translates to "nectar," and - a-ha! - that is why the crew from Nectar in Berwyn (Michael Wei and chef Patrick Feury) is behind it, with colleagues Henry Chu and Kenny Hung.

Jeffrey Beers is designing, and Feury says it will be reminiscent of Nectar - balcony, high ceilings, open kitchen, fun air.

Twenty-two taps will pour beer and there will be the requisite cocktails.

Feury says he has been visiting and raiding Taiwanese night markets for menu inspiration.