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Detroit-style Coneys coming to Wash West

The Famous Detroit Coney Company is being readied at 212 S. 11th St.

Two transplanted Michiganders - having sold their restaurant in Myrtle Beach, S.C. - heard that "Philly is the hottest food area in the Northeast," says Gregg Methot.

He and partner Dawn Hone have taken over the Santa Fe Burrito Company at 212 S. 11th St. and are creating the optimistically named Famous Detroit Coney Company. They say they're about 80 days out - but then they have never dealt with Philly's byzantine Health and L&I Departments.

Menu, built around the signature Detroit Coney Island hot dog, sounds like fast-food heaven (and thank goodness they're a block from Jefferson's ER):

They'll import Koegel dogs, grind their own burgers, roast their own lamb for kebabs and gyros, cook onion rings to order, and spin their own shakes.