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Patrons set off firecrackers to skip out on a check in Chinatown

Authorities are seeking patrons who shot off firecrackers in the rear of Dim Sum Garden. During the chaos, they skipped out on a $90 check.

Dim Sum Garden is known far and wide for its soup dumplings, which Inquirer critic Craig LaBan deems among the most authentic in the area.

Not for firecracker chicken.

Authorities are seeking nine young patrons who shot off fireworks in the back of the restaurant at 1020 Race St. Friday night, setting off a fire alarm and allowing them to skip out on a $90 check during the confusion.

After 2 a.m. Saturday, owner Sally Song said she was discussing the matter with Philadelphia police.

A table was severely damaged, but there were no injuries, a witness said.

This arson may not be too difficult to crack: a witness said the patrons were captured on video and had left a phone number to make a reservation.

Post edited; FBI not involved in the investigation.